Muddy Water Mississippi

Once again I find myself apologizing for a long wait between posts, but it’s has been a busy semester here at Mississippi State, but I made it through 16 hours of engineering classes with A’s and B’s. Now that it is finally over maybe I can write with a little more regularity. As far as my fishing life goes it has been a pretty good summer. Even though I’ve not been able to do any trout fishing, I have been able to get some really good bream, bass, and catfishing in. Catfishing has been my primary focus here lately. I guess for no reason other than it’s something that I’ve never really done a whole lot of in the past. My goal for the summer is a 50+ pounder and the closest I’ve been able to come so far is a 35 lb flat head I caught a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to post some pictures of a few of my summer catches on the gallery page as soon as I get done with this post, so go check them out. Although the scenery is nothing like it was in eastern Tennessee I think these muddy rivers that I’ve been fishing lately, mainly the Tenn-Tom waterway, hold a special place in my heart. It is were I grew up fishing and the first place I ever drove a boat. I’ve spent countless nights on the river with some of my closest of friends jugfishing and just hanging out. I have made many memories on these waters that I’ll never forget. As far as dangerous critters go I’ve traded the black bears of the mountains for the alligators of the swamps. Personally I’ll take the alligators any day over the bears! Well I guess that is all for now, don’t forget to check out those pictures.


Back in the Swing of Things

Well I’ve made it through the first round of test here at Mississippi State. This is by far the most challenging semester of school that I’ve ever had. It feels good to survive the first wave of test with test scores above the curve.  I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I still haven’t been able to start my new job a Mossy Oak due them having their end of the year meetings but hopefully sometime here soon that will change. I was told two weeks ago that I would be starting this week but then told last week that I wouldn’t’ t be starting for at least another two. Maybe they’ll get everything straight here sometime soon. I really can not complain though I really have needed the extra time doing school work anyways.

I’ve also started a new hobby “like I really needed one.” I’ve recently been rabbit hunting with one of my good friends from Columbus, MS. Tod Waldrup owner of Trophy Room Taxidermy. I’ve been four times over the last few weekends and I must admit that I’m addicted. The sound of the dogs chasing behind a rabbit headed your way is enough to get anyone’s blood flowing. Add the camaraderie of hunting with friends and the taste to the food coming off of the grill after a mornings hunt and you’re guaranteed to have a good time. So far we’ve shot somewhere around 30 or so these last couple of weekends and I’ve been told that we haven’t really had a “good hunt” yet. Truth be told just cutting up with friends, listening to the cries of the dogs on a hot trail, and watching them work makes it a good hunt for me shooting rabbits is just bonus. I should be hunting again this Saturday; I’ll let you know how it goes.

As far as the fishing goes the bigger crappie should be moving up to the shallower water. I’ve been needing to go to some of my time tested spots on the Aberdeen pool of the Tenn-Tom waterway on one of these warmer days and give it a go, but between school, my wonderful girlfriend, and rabbit hunting I haven’t been able to get up there. I did manage to take a few of my friends out to the farm pond out at the Mississippi Boy’s Ranch for a couple of hours of bass fishing after taking a test last week to celebrate. We caught a few but the point of that trip was really just to unwind after a really hard test.

I guess that concludes this post. I hope everyone is doing well and had a good Valentine’s day I know I did, but that’s a story for another day…

Sweet Home Mississippi

I’m finally back home and moved into my new apartment here in Starkville Mississippi. It’s a kind of bitter sweat feeling getting back on the ol’ Mississippi State campus knowing how good I’ve had it up in Tennessee. I’m excited about reuniting with old friends that I haven’t seen in a while and all of the comforts of being close to home, but just walking into class today about makes me sick thinking of the countless hours that I’ll be up studying for test, preparing for exams and in the lab working on projects. I haven’t taken a math class in over a year now and I’ll have two this semester with Differential Equations and Probability of Random Processes, so needless to say I have a lot of review work to do just to be prepared for my first few classes. But I can see a light at the end of what has seemed to be an endless tunnel of classes, only three semesters “hopefully” left and I’ll be looking for a job. I guess it’s probably a good thing that I’m not graduating this may anyway with the economy in the shape that it’s in. Hopefully it will be bouncing back by the time I’m looking into the job market. It will not be to much longer until the crappie are biting well I’ve found a few public ponds on some land that I duck hunt that look really promising so hopefully I’ll have a report up sometime soon.

P.S. My duck hunting trip to Maryland was a blast I should have some pictures up sometime really soon so be checking the Gallery Page.

First I want to apologies to everyone that has been keeping up with my blog for the long break between posts.  Life has been a little crazy here lately and I haven’t had as much time as I would like to post or at all for that matter. 

I did get to make a trip up to Bristol with a good friend of mine Mike Stiehl for some excellent fishing in September. Wow that sounds like a long time ago now. We ended up with over seventy fish between the two of  us and I caught my biggest brown 17 inches. This was probably my most favorite tail water fishing trip that I have gone on this year. The trout were actively feeding most of the day and the sight fishing was first class.

I have also fished the Clinch River a few times since the trip to Bristol. Nothing to exciting there as the fishing has started to slow down since the weather has been cooling down a bit. I did see brown that was in the upper twenty lower thirty inch range jump out of the water about thirty feet from me about two weeks ago while fishing the millers island section. I never got her to bite and believe me I tried for a while.

Work has been crazy and I have to admit that I am going a little stir-crazy not being able to do any hunting up here. I have been going to a local park to listen and talk with the ducks “with my call of course.”  I am so ready to this Thanksgiving to get here so I can go home to Mississippi and take my dad duck hunting with my number one duck chase’n buddy Ryan Winters. We always have a good time out there. Well I guess that’s all for today I promise it will not be to long before I get another post up.

I got the chance to play Smoky Mountain fishing guide last weekend and had a blast! My good friend Jeremy “a fellow co op at Denso” and I went on his first fly fishing trip ever. The day started off great, stopping to get a bite to eat in Townsend before heading up into the mountains. I joked with him, saying the only reason that I was taking him was because of the recent bear attacks on that side of the park and since he had pulled his hamstring in a game of basketball the week before I was pretty sure I could out run him. So I called him my bear insurance. Seeing that he was getting a little nervous I made sure that he knew that I was just joking with him. After leaving the restaurant, we started out the forty-five minute drive into the park that I have come to love. Our destination was a spot I call “The Gorge.” It’s located near the chimney tops area of the park and is in my opinion one of the very best places to go for good views and a few fly hungry rainbows. What I didn’t mention to Jeremy was that it a pretty steep drop to get to the stream and even steeper climb getting out. When we finally got there we started our decent into “the gorge” with me leading the way, machete in hand, chopping my way through the vegetation. It was all worth it when the vegetation cleared, revealing a seemingly untouched piece of wilderness with a stream cutting so perfectly through the mountains that one had to know that only God himself could have created, as I marveled in its beauty. After catching my breath, I tied on a size 16 parachute adams that I tied right before we left and started instructing Jeremy on how to read the water. After catching two within the first five minutes I gave the rod up and started to help Jeremy with his cast. With the fish not falling for the fly again we moved to the next pool, where I knew some fish would be feeding. On his third cast we watched a hungry rainbow explode on the fly as it drifted delicately with the current. Of course I had to get a picture of Jeremy and his first rainbow trout on a fly. As we worked our way from pool to pool Jeremy got better at reading the water and was able to catch a few more rainbows. It was eventually time to go and we started looking for a trail out. Because we didn’t fish as far as I normally do, we had to find a new way up the mountain side. We found a place that we thought would be manageable and started our way up. Of course once we got going up we realized that it was a lot steeper than what we had originally estimated. After climbing about half way up, I looked back to ask Jeremy if he was making it up ok, when my heart dropped as I saw him grab a loose branch and almost fall. We finally made it up the mountain and like any man would do we had to look back at the monster we had just conquered. After basking in our accomplishment and probably a few silent prayers of thanks for making it up safely we headed up the road towards my truck. As we were making our way back he turned and said to me “That was probably the most dangerous thing that I have done in my life!” Then I replied “Yeah, but wasn’t it one of the funniest?” and he agreed. We finally got to the truck and as we made our way back to Maryville, he was already asking about our next trip. Later that night looking back on the day I realized that I love teaching fishing just as much as I like doing it myself. I am sure am glad I didn’t get offered that fly fishing guide job before I started my computer engineering career or I wouldn’t be worth anything. Maybe one day I’ll find myself as a guide when I retire, or maybe I’ll just be professional guide for my kids (in the very far future).

Catch up time…

It has been a while since I have been able to write a post so I’ll just let you know what’s been going on the last couple of weeks. I’ll start off with the trip to fish the Clinch River with Mike on August 9th. It was by far the best fishing trip that I have had since I have been up here. I caught all three types of trout within the first 30 minutes of fishing and the action never slowed down. Did I mention that the fly that I was catching them on was on that my girlfriend tied while she was visiting, a “red zebra midge?” I am not going to even begin to try to name a number of fish that we brought in all I know is that it was a lot, “and I think I kept up with Mike this time.”

The following week I fished high up in the Tremont area of the park. It was nothing short of an amazing day with a fish coming on just about every pocket. Just another amazing day stumbling through the Great Smokies fly rod in hand.

I took a couple of vacation days to drive back to Mississippi for my one year anniversary with Mary Megan, her birthday, and my little brother’s birthday. It turned out to be a great trip except that I was planning on bringing the bass boat back with me to Tennessee and it was still in the shape that it was in after leaving it and 320 dollar at a local boat repair shop. I took it out to the Columbus Lake section of the tenn-tom waterway and it ran perfectly until I got about a mile away from the boat ramp. I did manage to catch a few strippers on top water while helplessly drifting down river until one of my friends came to the rescue. That pretty much brings you up to date.

I plan on heading back up to Tremont some time this week so I’ll let you know how I do on my report page.

A Weekend of Firsts

Last weekend my fishing partner Mike and I decided that we would fish the Clinch River north of Knoxville in Tennessee, but this time we would float the river in a canoe. Being that this would be the first time to float this river I was up all night the night before just thinking about all the adventure that awaited me at 4:30 am the next morning. After staying up till around 12 that night tying a new batch of flies to us the following morning I decided that I better get some rest for the big trip. Before I knew it the alarm was sounding and I popped out of bed ready to go. It has always amazed me how I can get up at 4 and even 3 am for a fishing/hunting trip but when it comes to class or work it seems like I need more sleep. Our trip turned out to be a huge success. I caught some big rainbows on a parachute adams dry fly that I had tied up the night before. Mike caught some bigger fish as always “but I am catching up with him.” We also did some streamer fishing which was a first for me. This type of fishing is the way to go for the adrenalin junky out there. You normally can see the trout following your fly before he smashes it, or even more likely follows it back to the boat only to swim away laughing at you. It is a really fun way to fly fish if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it.